Pomegranates Australia



Pomegranates Australia is located in Wanbi Downs in the Northern Mallee, South Australia. Only a 2 hour drive, the equivalent of 210 kilometres north-east of the city of Adelaide. Pomegranates Australia orchards are part of a broad-acre farming landscape, whereby the fruit is receiving the ideal Mediterranean climate to produce better quality fruit. We are focussing on the nurturing the crop, and try to use as much pomegranate juice from the farm in our Bickford’s Premium Juice.

Amongst the 90,000 fruiting trees on the Wanbi Downs Land, there are nine pomegranate varieties, each with unique characteristics. Ripening in late summer, fruit is ready to harvest between the months of March and May.


The Bickford’s Group is an independently owned collection of companies based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our rich history dates back to 1839, when William Bickford moved to Australia and opened a small apothecary on Hindley Street. From humble beginnings we are proud to offer the highest quality products to our consumers.

The Bickford’s Group not only produce, market and sell all Bickford’s and VOK owned brands but also own and operate several key strategic assets. These include a $25m purpose built manufacturing facility at Salisbury South, the 5000 tonne crush Step Rd winery in Langhorne Creek, the 23rd Street Distillery in Renmark, the Beenleigh Distillery in Queensland, Pomegranates Australia in the Northern Mallee and the Beresford Estate luxury function centre and Tasting Pavilion, nestled amongst 28 hectares of super-premium vineyards.