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    The coarse outer skin and albedo of the
    pomegranate contains natural oils, nutrients
    and antioxidants when crushed into juice.


    Thick white flesh underneath the rind.


    A thin and translucent layer encapsulating the
    arils, the membrane is bitter and not
    recommended for consumption.


    The flesh surrounding the inner white seed,
    colours may vary from light pink to a deep red.

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    Provide nutrients such as Vitamin C, K and folate
    Eliminating free-radicals
    Provide vital minerals
    Boosting immune systems

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    Pomegranates flourish when provided with direct sunlight and small
    amounts of irrigation. Pomegranates Australia's orchards are part of a
    broad-acre farming landscape, whereby the fruit is receiving the ideal
    Mediterranean climate to produce better quality fruit.

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    Amongst the 90,000 fruiting orchards on the
    Wanbi Downs land, there are 9 different
    varieties, they are all characteristically
    different and are best harvested between
    the months of March and May.

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Pomegranates Australia is located in Wanbi Downs in the Northern Mallee, South Australia. Only 210 kilometres north-east of the city of Adelaide. Pomegranates Australia orchards are part of a broad-acre farming landscape, whereby the fruit is receiving the ideal Mediterranean climate to produce better quality fruit.




Pomegranates (Punica Granatum) date back to ancient times and research has stated that it is considered to be one of the first cultivated fruits. Historically, pomegranates are known to symbolise abundance, fertility and prosperity. New to Australian land, pomegranates thrive off the Mediterranean climate that is provided. Pomegranates Australia orchards were planted in 2009 and since has grown to produce 90,000 fruiting trees.


An indication of a juicy pomegranate is one which is heavy for its size. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect pomegranate:

  1. The colour of skin can vary from a bright ruby red to a reddish-brown
  2. If the skin is dry, the inside will be dry, look for ones with a leathery appearance
  3. A blemished exterior could potentially equate to a damaged interior
  4. Flat spots on the exterior can indicate a dry interior membrane
  5. Splits can indicate water stress, whereby unforeseen rainfall can stress the outer rind, but might not affect the quality of the interior arils


A pomegranate a day, keeps free-radicals away! Pomegranates are synonymous with rich anti-oxidant characteristics.


Pomegranates Australia is located in Wanbi Downs in the Northern Mallee, South Australia. Only a 2 hour drive, the equivalent of 210 kilometres north-east of the city of Adelaide. Pomegranates Australia’s orchards are part of a broad-acre farming landscape, whereby the fruit is receiving the ideal Mediterranean climate to produce better quality fruit.

Broad-acre farming

The farming land upon which crops are grown, are geographically imperative to the quality of the fruit. Pomegranates flourish when provided with direct sunlight and small amounts of irrigation.


The Wonderful variety is the most widely planted variety in both Australia and the United States of America. This variety offers a slightly acidic profile on the palate, but is known as the most versatile variety.

  1. Azerbajanii variety is considered to be the sweetest variety with the best market potential. Azerbajanii’s are commonly seen in fresh markets due to its ability to be mature early in peak season.
  2. A Rosavaya pomegranate has exceptional flavour, however, it possesses very fragile skin. Due to the Rosavaya’s fragile skin, they vary in shape and are bruised easily, and therefore need to be picked carefully.
  3. The Big Red is the underdog in terms of health benefits in the Pomegranate world, this variety is known to have the highest antioxidant levels out of any current variety.
  4. A Jennings variety pomegranate is known to have a pale interior, and hence exhibit light pink arils. Whilst a Jennings pomegranate has a pale interior, flavour is not compromised and is still popular as a fresh market fruit.
  5. Pomegranates Australia also has rows of the Jativa and Griffith varieties, which are in experimental stages for suitability in the Australian soil. The Jativa variety is derived from Spain, and the Griffith variety tends to be slightly more acidic than other varieties.


Pomegranates Australia is committed to delivering the best produce to its customers. Get in touch with the Pomegranates Australia team today to learn more.

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